Why Exhibit?

Why Exhibit?

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We are thrilled to introduce our newest vet show, Washington DC Vet.

Washington, DC is a lively city full of history and culture—the perfect setting for our new veterinary event. What should you expect at DC Vet?

  • The 2020 premiere will see over 1,200 veterinary professionals gathering from every state in the US, as well as attracting many from all over the world. This provides exhibitors with the opportunity to engage familiar faces, meet potential customers but most importantly meet buyers.
  • 160+ exhibiting companies from every vertical in the veterinary industry will make the most of our unique interactive expo model—it is the new national event to be at. 
  • Not like any other conference - our conference theaters are purpose-built and located on the exhibition floor, enabling you to have the most productive days you’ve experienced at a vet exhibition in the US.


Brought to you by CloserStill Media, independent global event organizers and the creators of the London Vet Show.

For more information please contact us at +1 (646) 437-9080 or email dcvet@closerstillmedia.com.

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