Brady Beale

Brady Beale

Ophthalmologist, Chief Medical Communications Officer, PennVet University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Brady Beale is a Clinical Instructor of Ophthalmology at the University of Pennsylvania where she serves as the Chief Medical Communications Officer. She also works in private practice in Lancaster, PA. Dr. Beale graduated from UPenn, remained for an internship, and then completed ophthalmology residency at NCSU. She has worked at the New England Aquarium and The Maryland Zoo and is the consulting ophthalmologist for the Philadelphia zoo. Recently the ACVO Chair of the Public Relations committee, Dr. Beale has a passion for communication and outreach. She was recently featured in Animal Planet’s 2016 docu-series, Life at Vet U. Her website, Blindtails.com, is used nationally in clinics to share inspiring stories of blind animals when restoration of vision is not possible. She is also active in youth STEM programs and recently gave a TEDx talk to help young students explore their interests.