Conquer Team Toxicity – Tools to Improve Team Health

Jun 19, 2020
Business Theater

Whether a single toxic employee, or an all-out toxic team, toxicity in the workplace leads to everything from inefficiency and errors to low morale and poor team member retention. We will cover what drives toxic team members, allowing us in turn to address how to eliminate toxicity and control the triggers. Simple steps and tools will be highlighted so that participants leave with ideas they can implement right away. From practice owners to frustrated team members, this session will have something for everybody because, let’s face it, nobody wants to work in a toxic work environment!

  • - Assess your work environment for potential triggers that lead to toxic behaviours
  • - Understand how to address toxic triggers in order to minimize or eliminate them from your workplace
  • - Identify and understand the tools that will allow you to tame toxicity on your own team by addressing personal behaviours, practice culture, team buy-in and accountability
Senani Ratnayake, Owner (Motivatum) and Director of Learning and Engagement (P3) - Motivatum Veterinary Consulting and P3 Veterinary Partners