Survival Guide to Corneal Diseases

Jun 19, 2020
Clinical Theater 2

This lecture will provide you with the tools that you need to diagnose and treat the most frequently encountered lesions in the cornea. Through severe clouding, vessel ingrowth or pending perforation, corneal diseases threaten both vision and comfort. The review will include corneal ulcers in addition to common degenerative corneal diseases, and medical and surgical treatments will be presented. Practical tips for how to stock the clinic pharmacy with the latest in effective and affordable medications will also be covered.

  • 1. Diagnose and differentiate the most common corneal diseases
  • 2. Review treatment options including medical management and surgical procedures
  • 3. Develop medication preferences ranging from first line choices to advanced options
Brady Beale, Ophthalmologist, Chief Medical Communications Officer - PennVet University of Pennsylvania