Essential Guide to The Cardiac Physical Examination: Back to Basics

Jun 20, 2020
Clinical Theater 2

The lecture will focus on essential findings of the focused cardiac physical examination along with signalment and history taking in the cardiac patient. Emphasis will also be placed on radiographic findings and basic interpretation. We have many advanced imaging techniques available to us today, however, many cardiac diagnoses and treatments can be easily made based upon physical examination, radiographic interpretation, clinical signs and signalment. Discussion will cover varying etiologies of coughing and syncope vs. seizure along with specific physical examination techniques and findings in both the canine and feline. The lecture will also touch on some basic chest radiographic clinical assessment. The goal of the talk is for the attendee to become much more comfortable with their diagnostic skills as it pertains the cardiac patient.

  • Become more comfortable with basic cardiac physical examination findings, e.g. heart murmur, gallop, arrhythmias
  • To be able to better discern the cardiac patient from a primary respiratory disease patient
  • To be able to better discern patients with syncope vs. seizure
  • To gain a further understanding of basic chest x-ray interpretation
Bill Tyrrell, Veterinary Cardiologist - CVCA: Cardiac Care for Pets