Essential Cytology Skills for the GP

Jun 19, 2020
Clinical Theater 2
Clinical Pathology

Does cytology make your head spin? It doesn’t have to! In this session, we will cover the essentials of cytology for the general practitioner, which will help you approach this valuable diagnostic modality with more confidence in practice. Topics will include tips on how to obtain a diagnostic sample, big picture cytology interpretation using an algorithmic approach, assessing criteria of malignancy, and practical limitations to cytology.

  • -Best practices for sample acquisition and preparation
  • -Systematic approach to cytology interpretation via the cytologic algorithm (this will make your life easier!)
  • -When cells go rogue: knowing the difference between benign and malignant
  • -Understanding when cytology isn’t as useful and cases where histopath is your best bet
Kate Baker, Veterinary clinical pathologist - Antech Diagnostics