Clients with Special Needs: New Perspectives & Practical Tactics

Jun 19, 2020
Business Theater

Many of our clients and co-workers are challenged with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities. We may often recognize these struggles but not know how to accommodate these individuals better. Understanding limitations and helping meet your client’s needs, while still practicing good medicine and good management can be a delicate balance. This session aims to focus on realistic changes that can be made within the veterinary clinic for our clients and co-workers to accommodate best, empower, and include for the best patient outcomes.

  • •Explore the ways clients and staff with special needs may need reasonable accommodations and the ways we can provide this without them asking
  • •Achieve greater compliance and retention by providing educational tools for all aspects of learning types and levels
  • •Create an environment that welcomes diversity within the practice of staff and clients, by providing an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding.
Beckie Mossor, RVT - Veterinary Advancements