Buy a Practice or Start a Startup? Factors to Drive Your Decision

Jun 20, 2020
Business Theater

Should you start or buy a practice? Both provide an entrance into practice ownership – however, but just because you have an opportunity does not mean it is the right opportunity. There are many details, pro/cons and consequences that should be considered as you plan your path forward. This session will cover the key factors and details on starting a practice, buying a practice and own/lease the real estate. If you are a future owner, this session is for you.

  • -- Buying a Practice: Understand what the purchase feasibility analysis is and why it is key to assessing the opportunity
  • -- Starting a Practice: Learn what the three considerations are: writing the business plan, forecasting start-up cash flows, and assessing market potential.
  • -- Both: Understanding what Profit really is and why it is important.
David McCormick, Veterinary Practice Appraiser - Simmons & Associates